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Nos apéritifs

Ricard(2 cl) 2.50

Sangria 3.80

Planteur 4.00 White wine Liqueur(Blackcurrant,Peach,Blackberry) 3.80

Port or Muscat or white Martini or Red Martini(5 cl) 4.50

Pineau des Charentes or Suze(5 cl) 4.50

Américano(5 cl) 4.50

Baby 3.00

Whisky or vodka or téquila or White Rum or Get 27 or Get 31 or Baileys or malibu(4 cl) 6.00

Jack daniel’s(4 cl) 6.50

House cocktails (alcoholic) 9.50

House cocktails (non alcoholic) 7.50


Vodka carambar or malabar 3.50

Spock(vodka,triple dry, grenadine) 3.50

Black whisky, coffee liqueur,cream 3.50


Draft 25 cl 3.00

Draft with cordial 25 cl 3.50

Draft picon 25 cl 3.80

Kronenbourg 33 cl 3.50

Heineken 33 cl 3.50

Pelforth brown 25cl 3.00

Blanche 25 cl 3.00

Corona 33 cl 4.50

Adelscott 33 cl 4.50

Leffe 33 cl 4.50

Desperado 33 cl 4.50

Cubanisto 33 cl 4.50

Skoll 33 cl 4.50

Chouff 33 cl 6.00

Rince cochon 33 cl 6.00

Cuve des troll 25 cl 5.50

Non alcoholic drinks

Biere sans alcool 33cl 3.50

Abatille blue 50 cl 3.00

Abatille blue 100 cl 5.00

Abatille red 50 cl 3.00

Abatille red 100cl 5.50

San Pellegrino 50 cl 3.00

San Pellegrino 100 cl 5.00

Cola, cola light, cola zéro, Orangina, lemonade,Oasis (orange,pineapple) 33 cl 3.00

Fanta (orange) ice tea peach,Perrier,Schweppes, Schweppes citrus,kas lemon 33 cl 3.00

Cacolac 33 cl 3.00

Paquito( apricot or grapefruit or tomato) 20 cl 2.50

Paquito (orange carrot,lemon or pineapple) 20 cl 2.50

Cider 25 cl 3.00

Red bull 20 cl 4.00


Sweet Cider or dry 75 cl 9.90


CHAMPAGNE (per glass) 7.90

CHAMPAGNE (per bottle) 75 cl 60.00

White wine liqueur royale 8.90



Help yourself salad bar 9.90

Salade de chèvre chaud (salad, toast, goats meat, fine herbs, olive oil or honey) 9.50

Duck gizzard salad (salad, tomato, gizzard, sherry) 10.90

Fish soup (croutons,garlic,grated cheese,spicy sauce) 12.00

Prawn cocktail (salad, prawns, tomato, mayonnaise) 12.90 Foie gras(liver pate) on toast (salad, tomato, foie gras liver pate,toasts,vinaigrette) 14.50

Landaise (salad, tomato,egg,gizzard,duck,foie gras liver pate,green beans,sherry) 18.90

Meat dishes

Minced steak burger(with side dish) 10.90

Grilled pork chop(with side dish) 10.90

Grilled lamp chop(with side dish) 10.90

Grilled chitterling sausage(with side dish) 10.90

6 stuffed snails(snails,parsley,butter) 7.90

12 stuffed snails(snails,parsley,butter) 13.90

Mushroom omelette(3 eggs,parsley,mushrooms) 16.90

Grilled duck breast(with blackcurrant or honey sauce and side dish) 18.90

Duck confit(with side dish) 16.90

Grilled entrecote steah,shallots(with side dish) 18.90

Grilled entrecote steah with mushrooms 21.90

Fish dishes

6 stuffed mussels(mussels,parsley,butter) 7.50

12 stuffed mussels(mussels,parsley,butter) 13.90

6 oysters(only in July/August) 7.50

12 oysters(only in July/August) 13.90 Mussels and fries(recipe of the house) 14.90

Trout(fried in butter,with lemon juice and parsley)garnish 17.90

Pan fried salmon(salmon,creme fraiche,chive and garnish) 15.90


Children’s Menu 9.90

(under 12 years of age)

Ham(+side dish)


Minced beef burger(+side dish)


Chicken nuggets(+ side dish)


Portion of pizza


(choice of non alcoholic)

2 scoops of ice cream

(choice of flavours)

Menu 15.90

Serve yourself salade bar


Minced beef burger(+side dish)


Filled savoury pancake


Pizza Reine


Basque gateau with custard


Lemon tart with custard


Ille flottante(whisked egg whites floating in custard


Crème caramel with custard


2 scoops of ice cream(choice of flavours)

Menu 20.90

Serve yourself salad bar


Entrecôte steak,shallots(+side dish)


Gargantua (filled savoury pancake)


Pizza Royale


Basque gateau with custard


Lemon tart with custard


Ille flottante (whisked egg whites floting in custard)


Crème caramel with custard


2 scoops of ice cream(choise of flovours)

Menu 25.90

Serve yourself salad bar


Fish soup


Mussells and fries


Pizza Catamaran


Basque gateau with custard


Lemon gateau with custard


Ille flottante whisked egg whites floting in custard)


Crème caramel with custard


2 scoops of ice cream(choise of flovours)

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Meal of the Day 14.00

Starter+Main Course+DESSERT+Coffee+1/4 wine

Weekdays lunchtime only

Dish of the day(main course only 10.90

Weekdays lunchtime only

Nos pizzas

Reine (ham,mushrooms,cheese) 10.90

Alsacienne (creme fraiche,bacon,onions,cheese) 11.50

Orientale (spicy sausage,sweet peppers,cheese) 11.50

Royale (ham,mushrooms,bacon,onions,cheese) 12.50

Calzone (Turnover) (ham,mushrooms,egg,cheese) 12.50

Goatsmeat (crème fraîche,goatsmeat,egg,cheese) 12.50

Three cheeses (crème fraîche, goatsmeat,mixed cheeses) 12.50

Tartiflette (crème fraîche,potato,bacon,onions,cheeses) 12.50

La marée (mussels,cockles,calamari,prawns,parsley,cheese) 12.90

Chorizo (chorizo sausage,peppers,mushrooms,cheese) 12.90

Catamaran (tuna,onions,fresh tomatoes,parsley,cheese) 14.90

Landaise (bacon,onions,fresh tomatoes,magret,cheese) 17.50

Additional toppings-each 2.00

Savoury Crepes(pancakes)

Galettes de Sarazin’ (Wheatflower)

Complète (ham,eggs,cheese) 11.90

Méhari (spicy sausage,eggs,cheese) 11.90

Cavalière (minced steak burger,eggs,cheese) 11.90

L’andouille (chitterling,sausage,eggs,cheese) 11.90

Gargantua (minced beef burger,spicy sausage,eggs cheese) 14.90

Additional toppings-each 2.00


Ice Cream Sundaes etc

Dame blanche (3 scoops vanilla,chocolate sauce,cream) 6.50

Chocolate /coffee liégeois (3 scoops chocolate or coffee,chocolate or coffee sauce,cream) 6.50

Coupe rio (1 scoop of chocolate,1 vanilla,1 coffee,sauce,cream) 6.50

Coupe Brazilian (1 scoop caramel,coconut coffee,sauce,cream) 6.50

Coupe iceberg (3 scoops peppermint,peppermint syrup,chocolate sauce,cream) 6.50

Coupe des îles (1 scoop coffee,rum raisinchocolate,sauce,cream) 6.50

Peach Melba (1scoop vanilla,2scoops chocolate,1peach,sauce,cream) 6.80

Pear belle-Hélène (2 scoops pear, 1 scoop chocolate, 1 pear,sauce,cream) 6.80

Banana-split (1 scoop strawberry,vanilla,chocolate,banana,sauce,cream) 6.80

Colonel (2 scoops lemon,vodka) 7.50

1 scoop of ice cream 2.00

2 scoops of ice cream 3.50

3 scoops of ice cream 5.50

Extra cream 1.00

Ice cream flavours

Vanilla, coffee, chocolate, stawberry, nougat, hazelnut, pistachio, rum raisin, caramel,coconut


Sorbet flavours

Pear,blackcurrant,raspberry,lemon,passion fruit,apple,pineapple,mangue


Basque gateau (with custard) 4.80 Apple tart (with custard) 4.80

Ile flottante (whisked egg-whites floating in custard) 4.80 Lemon tart (with custard) 4.80

Chocolat fondant (with custard) 4.80 Tarte tatin (with custard) 4.80 Chocolat mousse 4.80 Crème caramel (with custard) 4.80 Profiteroles (3) 6.50 Pannacotta 4.80

Cheese plate 5.00

Hot drinks

Coffee/décaffinated coffee: 1.50 the:2.20 Coffee with cream(small): 2.40

Coffee with cream(large): 2.80 Chocolate: 3.00


Brandy/Armagnac brandy/Rum/Pear/Cointreau/Calvados 5.50

Irish coffee (coffee, whisky, cream) 7.50

Coffee gascon (coffee, Armagnac brandy, cream) 7.50

We accept:Bank cards, chèque, chèque vacances, ticket restaurant.

Prices include service

IPNS: All prices are in Euros.

Please respect the terrace-it is not a playground-many thanks for

Your understanding

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